Monday, 31 October 2016

Book: Raspberry Pi with Python A guide for beginners

Dear Readers,

    This book will helps you to learn about Raspberry Pi and basics of Python Programming language. Knowledge of these things are major requirements of electronics and IT industries today. This book is all about Raspberry Pi which is a credit card size computer. 

About Raspberry PI

It is an credit card sized  small computer whose 1st  version was released in February 2012  in UK by Raspberry pi foundation  for promoting  learning  of  basics  computer in schools. It’s project were started in 2006 in UK Eben Upton and computer Enthusiasts from Cambridge university. 

About Book

The text in the book has been presented in 7 Parts so to understand for a beginner the process of  setting up Raspberry Pi and program it with python. There would many technologies and RPi version release in future but  For this book I recommend a Raspberry Pi2 model B.  

              download the Book from here..

Table of Contents

Part.2:   Basic PYTHON
Part.3:   LINUX
Part.4:   Prepare SD Card for RPi
Part.5:   Connections 
-->Using HDMI screen & keyboard/mouse
-->Linux terminal in Windows
-->Using Wired/Wireless Connections
Part.6:  GPIO Interfacing
Part.7:  Sensors Interfacing & Introduction to Internet of Things
             -->PIR motion Sensor & Ultrasonic Sensor
             -->Controlling Direction & Speed of DC Motor

*Spacial Thanks to Mr. Ganesh Gore and Mr. Karan Nair, Eduvance, Mumbai for giving valuable training.

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